Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back in the saddle again. :-) So it has been a gillion billion trillion years since I have blogged. The respite was necessary to protect the identity and safety of my youngest daughter, who is still not totally out of the woods but seriously there's like only a few trees left.

Then there was the idea of getting my old readers back, but remain anonymous and un googleable so that I wasn't found by evil baby stealing people who wanted my kiddo at any cost and still do. Is THAT TRUE???? you ask? Probably not, but it felt that way and being the Drama Momma that I am I wanted to convey it that way as I blogged, so while still balancing the "you know me" but "you don't know me" cause you're my family or my friend or my fan (I can dream) or your social worker or you whatever yada yada you are...I will have to pretend that none of you exist and neither do I. Otherwise I will not be able to write and I haven't been able to write and that has been a supreme bummer. But I think I may have nipped this in the bud. So if you know me...on here pretend you don't and think of me as the Sex and the City chick cause some of what I say will be crazy true and some of what I say will um...be my crazy version of the truth and trust me thems are very different things.

So from now on I AM MOMMA DRAMA...I deserve the title I have worked hard and will continue to work hard for it. What is a Drama Momma? In her simplest and most exalted form she is a MOTHER first and foremost, while back in the day I was not a mom...I am now and back in the day girl, just doesn't apply anymore. On some days that sucks, on others it's cool. Back in the day girl was 40lbs lighter and looked a hell of a lot cuter...Momma Drama is well...gonna look hot again, fat me is just so not where it is at. Now the Drama part, in it's best brightest and most sparkly form that is a WRITER of dramatic fiction. This I am going to assume will be my career. I took a short detour into Daycaredome and while my little charges where the best kids ever...the trip was exhausting and messy so even though my awesome daycare kids and my own little divettes learned to dance, draw, sing, play instruments climb and be merry, they nearly killed the newly fat Momma Drama...so no more. The Drama description also applies to the way I view the world...from the stage of life, sometimes its a soliloquy of earnest thought and ponderance and sometimes its an all out musical number with feathers and drag queens, sequins and sap...this should be a fun read regardless. So that's me MOMMA DRAMA

The kids are...

BIG DIVA. So known for her big hair, big personality, big issues and big love. This child is simply the most incredible human around and like a drama diva queen, she is up and down like a roller coaster. Having been diagnosed with sensory processing dysfunction she has trying moments, being intellectually gifted has its ups and downs, being gorgeous, powerful, kind, loving and divine has it's goods and bads as well...she is just the perfect ying yang, my first kid , 4 years old and a special person in so many incredible ways.

LITTLE DIVA. While little diva is new to this world she is catching on fast. At 15 months old she is keeping up with her big diva sister. She's about the most squeezable loving thing that ever lived but don't cross her she's got diva down. She LOVES TO DANCE and LOVES TO SING she loves to hug...she is a special kiddo as well, totally different than her sister and so the same in many ways.

Other players are TT and B (Diva Aunt and Uncle) Ga Ga (not lady but grandlady as in diva grandma) DD (Diva Dad...and he is just that...no really!)and others as they pop up :-)

So that's the intro or re intro as we are now undercover and the Drama/Diva family will hopefully create a web life for themselves.

I have monetized this blog...mostly for the fun of it, however I LOVE CAMPMOR (if that still is the current ad)...if you camp, and let me just say if you read this blog you should...no really get dirty...you only live life once...anyway if you camp this place has awesome camping stuff at good prices. I am dreaming about a tent I want on there for my huge family...um did I say that????? Ahhhh you sillies you thought I was done having kids....ppppshhhh I'm just getting started. (not really, but I like ta scare ya...or maybe not...better keep reading.

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