Saturday, June 5, 2010

Research Ramblings....Glee, Birds, Dating Game Serial Killer, Muslim Matchmaker ....Oh My

Well since taking my blog to the public, I've really wanted to just pour it on....all of it, but there are some things, since this blog is public, that I have to hold tight on for a moment because of the top-secret-self-destruct nature of those things. So what to talk about outside of the Diva's of course is a little daunting.

I will say..."those things" include: A new gig, a new family member and potentially a new city. See....big stuff. But alas...I will have to wait to unveil all the stuff.

Frankly I'm not sure what will happen in any case so it's hard to discuss without the definitive answers.

So...imagine Momma Drama in full Diva Drama mode...simply freaking out on many fronts....just imagine it. It's well...melodramatic at best.

But since I can't talk about any of it...I bring you.

Research Ramblings....things I'm researching...now if ya'll (not knowing what I'm doing, wanna put out a good thought that I get these gigs...that would be great.) Welcome to my Research Rambling world.

So first (as confessed earlier) I have recently become a GLEEK....how?? Simple, I saw, I remained removed until they sang...then I was transported back to my own stage straddling youth and the potential of the next best thing I'm trying to create (oh come on...Momma Drama CREATEEEE!!!!! you gotta make this happen)....oh then there was the drama and the messages and the music....and well....HOOOKED! Sad but true.

Here are some Momma Drama hooking scenes....

What is great about this clip is Jane Lynch is GAY...like married to a nice woman gay. So I thought this was hilarious. It is also in line with something I'm working on...so also helpful...Thanks Glee.

And then there is this tid bit... The Funk

All I can say here is....pregnant girl in spandex, guy in a wheel chair...funk music....um color me GLEEKED!

Okay...now onto my next research....days and days of Hitchcock and serial killers. Here is my favorites for this rambling research....

Creepy done 60's style....eeewww.

Oh...and hey, how'd ya like to date a SERIAL KILLER :-)

SCARRRRRYYYY SCARRRRYYYY!!!! He killed 4, but potentially hundreds of women, they are still investigating the open cases...yikes!!!!

And finally...while I am not actively pursuing this writing opportunity....I really found this whole thing very fresh and enlightening. A Muslim dating sight called Half Our Deen....

And since I was so fascinated by this stereo-type crashing video I did a little further research and found this....

OKAY....how far from wrapped head Jihad terrorist is this???? Not that Muslim's are at all...in fact I have people I love dearly who are Muslim, so I know that they are FAR FAR FAR from the stereo-types. I LOVE IT...I love this, when anything changes our warped and wrong perceptions of things. This guy is great...thanks guy for changing our views of Muslims. :-)

And that's it from the Rambling Research front. :-) Back to it...

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