Monday, July 11, 2011

It Has Begun.... Bye Bye Stuff....and um...a book deal, maybe, finally?

Well, this first step of the adventure is almost complete. I have held a garage sale and have sold off most of my things, a very few things still remain, and sadly there is a little too much to put into 5 suitcases (yes, I gave us another suitcase) and a very small (much smaller than I envisioned)pod.

Thanks to Momma Music and her hubby (my sis and bro - in- law) they made the process so much less painful. Especially when we had NO customers until almost 9 (we started at 7). After watching my stuff get picked through, prodded, coddled, horded and most of it discarded, I acquired a healthy detachment to it and now it is all gone. I am still reeling a bit from having it all go away and I have a lot more to get rid of, but wow...okay. One of my favorite customers was a woman who brought her tiny toy Maltese to the sale where she bought a HUGE plush octopus chair that my kids have really loved and it looked it, but the chair was for the dog, so who cares if it had a stain or two, a play tent (toy sized) for the DOG to sleep in and various other child toy, turned dog furniture items. When we inquired about the dog, we discovered that he is the baby of her brood which started with two Malteses a brother and a sister, who just kept having babies and their babies kept having babies (sensing a little backwood twang happening here???...remember they are ALL brothers and sisters) the final amount of dogs this woman owns was a concept too staggering for us to fathom, but I believe it was like seven and this woman came with only two dollars and haggled us to DEATH (I think we must have wrangled a few more bucks out of her) anyway the big laugh (as if all of it wasn't scary hillarious) was that she drove away in this car...

This folks is a $50,000 dollar car. Slap My Head!!!! really?

So, we leave my house on Friday, I am desperately trying to find a subletter as my guy fell through, but have no luck yet. If I don't get one by Friday, I say good bye to our house too. Again all of it is still sort of hitting my like a numb sack of bricks.

What I did learn is at the garage sale is how economically depressed everything is, my stuff sold for pennies cause we live in the "ghetto" but it wasn't only the people who had nothing who came, but the people who had lost everything and were struggling came too...and in a way selling and giving my stuff away (which ended up almost being the same thing) was a great act of charity that lightened my load and hopefully gave a few people some treasures.

I kept one box of stuff that was worth a lot that I planned to sell on Ebay, but as I was walking past it trying to move a television that was small but weighed as much as a dead body, my plentiful backside knocked it over and everything shattered....and there you have it...GONE.

Mommy Music and Hubs came over the next day to help box up the remaining stuff and probably by the end of the day Wednesday, it will all be either gone or in our pod/suitcases. Then we move in with my mom for the next month while I finish an online class for Disney, a Diva Memoir book and the second of my horror series books....so I will be writing.

I am also keeping something kinda of under wraps till I know a bit more, but there might be some big things happening in my professional writing career. The timing will be perfect as the deal will probably not be done and ready for me to be in the United States until next year, but when I come home, well...it might just be spectacular. Let's send out good vibes and when I book the meeting next week with THE AGENT!!!! and LAWYER who I hope are planning on representing me and KamiSama I will let you know more. :)

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