Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Lovin' in the Hood

So, I am bound an determined to enjoy the last summer for a while in our little hood. While I assume that next year's Chinese summer will be full of fun and excitement, I want to just soak up all the fun we already know at home.

We had to use our annual passes at Disney before July 2 because they would no longer be valid during the black out dates and we would be gone when they opened up again. So I told the girls, we are "gonna shut the place down" I picked the kids up after school and drove them in hot traffic which drew forth wails of discomfort and protest, but both fell asleep. SCORE!!! We parked in Downtown Disney parking (note to all Disney goers and Pass holders if you park in the Downtown Disney parking the first 3 hours are free, then if you get a validation from one of the restaurants...like say the ESPN Zone, that makes you get the validation at the store...so *wink, who would know if you ate in the restaurant or not...I know evil to cheat the mouse especially now that he is my employer, but a poor girl gotta do what a poor girl gotta do. Anyway the validation will get you two more free hours and then the price is $3.00 for each hour after, sure beats the $15.00 the park charges). So we park there, take the monorail into Tomorrowland, IMMEDIATELY BUY THE NIGHTGOWN WHICH WAS THE SUBJECT OF LAST MONTH'S ALL DAY/LEAVE DISNEY BECAUSE OF... TANTRUM. After the purchase Big Diva issued a vow that she would never remove it, and well, it is day 3 and she has worn it non stop, she has swam in it, showered in it, slept in it, I am afraid to make her take it off, but since tomorrow is school, I know she will relent, so why break her spirit. :) We then did all of the rides, watched the fireworks show and partied hard for hours until...WE SHUT THE PLACE DOWN and I took my happy little divas home at 1:30AM...guess whose parking was absolutely free???? Yep, only people still standing at Disney, other than the night clean up crew was a newlywed couple and their bridal party frolicking in the parking lot, looking like a fragrance commercial. It was surreal and perfect. :) Thanks Disney, till next time. :)

Now we are in 4th of July mode and I am about to go out and buy some illegal fireworks to pass out to the young children in my hood. How'z that for responsible parenting. But my parents did it, so I have the right.

And the kids have been playing in the pool ALL DAY, EVERYDAY which has been so much fun. Please Hair Police, both of the girl's hair is horrid, I tried a new style on Indya that was a FAIL, and both have been in the pool two and three times a day, so it looks whack, but they are happy so to Hair Hater's (which I don't believe any read my blog, but if a secret hair hater does...be warned :) go get some BBQ and leave the Divas to their summer pool time fun.

And on that note, I will bore you no more, I present SUMMER LOVIN' IN THE HOOD!

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