Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Huzzah Little Campers

So Daddy Diva and I took the little Diva's out to the desert to go camping. Some would think this an INSANE thing for a single mother to do with two young children and some would be right, but since Momma Drama IS an insane mom...it works out just fine.

Big Diva has been camping since she was 5 months old and Little Diva 2 months so the Diva's are no stranger to the outdoors and they love it. They also love Diva Dad, we don't see Diva Dad that often, but when we do it's amazing.

I have to say again, I appreciate Diva Dad stepping up and embracing the Little Divas, he didn't have to. We were friends before big Diva came along, we have always been close even though life has separated us a bit from one another we have always been like family. So to see Diva Dad embrace his role in the Little Diva's life is amazing. One day there will most likely be another father (pause to PLEAD...PRINCE CHARMING GET YOUR ASS MOVING, HOW LONG YOU THINK I'M GONNA WAIT...This Princess' butt is whole lot bigger and her hair is turning gray, you probably wanna show up before Momma Drama turns into a old battle ax...okay!) in their lives (or two more Dads if Diva Dad gets married, and if Diva Dad finds his prince before Momma Drama does...well God, just expect a strongly worded letter!!!!!) BUT....

I'm happy the kids have a Dad as awesome as Diva Dad, there can be more Dads in the future, but there will always be Diva Dad.

So trip highlights....The Divas waking up in the morning, playing in the dirt singing at the top of their lungs. Getting an awesome campsite amid the huge boulders....and sleeping outside without a tent.

So why you ask did Momma Drama sleep outside???? Well simple, I forgot the tent poles to our tent. So the Little Diva's slept in their princess play tent (pause to thank God or whoever is in charge that they both fit in that thing....and LIKED IT!) and I slept on our cots out under the shade structure Diva Dad made for us. Actually it was amazing sleeping under the stars, I LOVED IT, only drawback was the wind whipping the shade thingy into my face...annoying...annoying!

So below (as I still have no clue what I am doing with this blogger stuff) are pics of our trip.

A few are of Diva Dad and Big Diva both filming a chuckawala and others are of camp. Enjoy...we sure did!

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