Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They Did NOT talk about Betty White's Muffin???!!!!

Okay, on a bit of a late night traipse through exhaustion, I stumbled on this Hulu goodie....

BETTY WHITE ON Saturday Night Live....This is a must see. No really the whole thing is BRILLIANT. I love Betty White....man when I'm 88 I want to be just like her, no really.


This is pretty raunchy but God bless Betty for doing this. Apparently there was a facebook campaign to get her on the show and she was a great sport through the whole thing.

She's 88 years old and still livin' life. While this is just a baudy romp with a good sport, it shows how vibrant and alive we can be, she's an inspiration...this sweet little ol' lady...just ain't and I love it!

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