Friday, May 14, 2010

Imma be, Imma Be.... :-) Whoot!

Imma BeImma Be So part of the plan is to give away the farm :-) Kidding, nahhhh just sellin' a few goats and chickens. I think a lot of moms face this. I know Perfect Mom next door does and I am really starting to figure out that SINGLE MOMS, face this the hardest.

(segue for suspense??? "Face what? You ask" Read on...dear reader...read on!) 

See if you don't already know and no one has cared to fill you in on this little secret...um here's the deal. Parenting is hard. Not hard in the "oooh my cuddly little divas are so dang cute I just want to chop them up and eat them with a balsamic vinegar infusion." kinda hard. No that cuteness is what suckers you in and keeps you in.  That kinda hard keeps you from digging yourself a nice cozy hole somewhere and just expiring in it. Our kids are cute, loving and perfect, in fact they are the GREATEST kids on the planet. BUT......

(onscreen car crash!)

They are hard. They make mess...many times a day. They need your love and attention...many times a day. You never get a day off or even an hour off,  FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE you are and forever will be their parent. And hey, that's amazing...no really. BUT...here's the thing (you know from the first paragraph) the thing that is the hardest about raisin' them cute little spawns.


(Pause for shock and denial).

Yeppers, "You" mostly curls up and hibernates in the back of your brain. Making breakfast, lunch, dinner, mopping floors, picking up toys, wiping noses, brushing hair, naps, numbers, no TV, organic food, shopping, college, new teeth, brush teeth, pay bills, make money, do dishes, wash laundry, fold laundry, clear out out grown cloths, buy new ones, play ball, play Playmobil, blow up pool, get milk, dinner party, talk to friends, see your self in the mirror and realize...YOU, didn't brush your hair, buy new pants, can't fit the old ones, need to pluck, shave, shower and oh my God?????? Where did MY Dreams Go???

Well let's see...

Have kids...Check!

Find Mate...um OOOPS.

Be a Star.....Oh boy....um...

And so. You get it.

Most of you who have read my blog have been painfully following this process of following dreams for four years. And well, I've made it up a few rungs on the ladder, but hell I wanna get to the top. Even if it's not the top top...I'm getting to the top.

As Mia said on her facebook out cry to the world. DON'T GIVE UP...and something to the effect of "Smoke on THAT Hollywood!" Rock on Mia...way to take the big system DOWN! No really. It's all in our hearts and minds and there in lies the win or lose. Inside. We are the only ones drivin' the bus. Not those cute little kiddies who are eatin' up your time with love and memories and all things good (minus the dog hair, dribble and diapers) it is US!!!!

And I ain't WAAAHHH WAAAHHH'n about it no more. Imma Be!!!!!

Imma BE!!! a big big star, drive my fancy car, sittin' up lookin' at that big screen...seen'n my scene. The real theen... is Imma be, Imma be ME.  (way go Rappin' Momma Drama...not!) but you get the point.

While I am not all in agreement with the Black Eyed Peas goal aspirations in this song. I get it. And Theysa There.

So...the blog goes world wide webby in a few days (we are walking out the facebook house and into the Light....yeah Imma Be....little drammy today). I'm  going to give you a bit of what will be sold. I tried this before, but didn't really do it. Now I will.

Get ready....everyone...What does this special offer include.

Chapters 1-5 of KamiSama. Right here and Ye Old Blog. So hold your pants on Chapter one is comin' atcha. Then another chapter and on for 5 weeks.

Oh yea...Imma Be!!!!! 

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