Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Kids :-) (no...not that kind of new kid...)

So I have some new kids :-) Yep. I am teaching Secondary School kids film making in their after school program. While we had only three days to shoot and edit this film, I am really proud of my new kids. They are a great bunch and I look forward to getting them really engaged in new stuff. While I don't know them that well yet, I already know that I love them. Ya know kids...especially teens are smarter than we give them credit for. Yes, they test ya and yes they are not yet mature enough to get the whole picture, but they "know" and they are still innocent.

I look forward to working with more teens and helping them find the true potential within.

Here is a look at the first video on their Youtube Channel (expect more stuff to come) this was 100% kid created, they picked the topics and shot them, made the edit and graphic decisions. I can only take credit for the cool shot at the end, the rest was me just putting together what they wanted.

Bravo guys!!!!

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