Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Diva Dancer, My new Love..... LAPTOP

So since I have stopped running a daycare I have been home with Little Diva. She's my little writing buddy (coo fawn...love Little Diva). I realized that while I LOVED MY DC BABIES...and always will. The whole daycare thing was WORK WORK WORK. Don't get me wrong, I like to work, I work all day and night...but literally this was all day and all night and I almost died. Well, not DIE exactly...but close, or not close, but it FELT like I was dying. So I am back at it again, rustlin' up writing work (pause to add plea...anyone know a good agent. It's time to get one...freelancing is fun and all, but an agent would be funner.), writing the novel, preparing to teach foster and incarcerated youth how to make movies, making little movies...etc. It's fun stuff. But Little Diva doesn't think its fun. Little Diva is a bit peeved that she has no playmates, Little Diva doesn't like Momma Drama making Drama, she likes Momma Drama paying attention to Little Diva. So I can only write when Little Diva sleeps (like a big ol' nap :-) or at night.

And sometimes...I can squeeze in a word or two when Little Diva dances. :-) See Little Diva doesn't like tv. (Segue into Preacher Mode) And TV is WRONG for Toddlers, toddlers should NOT watch TV. Baby Einstein is the devil, now let me tell you folks, Toddlers need wooden toys, they should eat only whole foods grown in organic soil (Momma Drama pauses to ask a question? Do nuggets off the floor count???) Toddlers should be exposed to different languages, Toddlers, should be outside, toddlers should NEVER ever EVER NEVER NEVER NEVER watch TV!....okay, well that sucks. Cause in that 24 minutes that Baby Einstein makes a lame-o toy look like art dancing to Tchaikovsky, I get this blog written or a content article or God willing a CHAPTER closer to finishing my long awaited novel. But no go...Little Diva doesn't do drama. Not that kind at least. Little Diva LOVES to dance. Little diva is a dancer...and so we dance.

See the video below to see the Little Diva Tude!!!! Please forgive Momma Drama singing...and yet would I be Momma Drama without it??? Hmmmm one take a moment to ponder? Also YES my child did just eat something off the floor....and it is NOT clean enough to eat off of....just makes you go EWWWW!

New Laptop. I LOVE MY NEW LAPTOP...we are gonna go places. I just got rid of DESKTOP and LAPTOP and I are in love. I get to learn so many new things with LAPTOP and I'm excited. Thank you MOM and Mom's entry into the Foster Care World (Thank you agency for the incentive payment) so that I can be the owner of my newest love....LAPTOP!

Here it is, in case you are looking for a good consumer-can sorta kinda mostly edit stuff- laptop....ahhh LOVE!

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