Friday, May 28, 2010

What the WHA????

So in a fit of procrastination from writing an article and editing a short, I decided to hit up my "Delivered to me Without any Effort at all by Me News" or the yahoo news feeder that makes you read the headlines before getting to your precious email.

And in the WHAT THE WHAAAAA???? WHAT? category (nonexistent for those scratching heads)is news that makes you go HMMMMM?

First Gary Coleman apparently has just died. Well, that's sad, but he seems to have had a troubled life, maybe he will be better in another place...who knows. I met him a long time ago, he was at a party with a friend of a friend yadda yadda and I hung out with him a bit. What was really sad was that he was ON all the time, he was cracking jokes and being his Different Strokes character, but more mature. If asked about life his face often just twisted into a pain he was trying to hide. I remember really wanting to just hug him, but I knew that would be weird. I did hug him with my eyes. I just let them pour out love, cause he seemed so troubled and sad even back then, 10 ish years ago. And today he is gone and we are the same age. I hope he's in a better place...I hope he feels free...I hope he can really smile.

And Brittney Murphy's husband has just died of a heart attack. WHAT...first it's weird enough that Brittney Murphy died...again I've met her (thank Tea House), but I can't say I know anything about her at all, just saw her from a far, however the fact that a healthy guy can just die 5 months after his "healthy" young wife....makes you go WHAT???? Really what kinda crack is everyone smoking. Cause you know they are not dropping of natural causes. It's sad. I guess that Hollywood has always been this sad, but if feels somehow sadder now. I'm sure there is an insider story to all of this, but yikes....there's something very Greek and tragic about what we are doing to our "Gladiators" these days...guess we haven't changed that much, only now we don't let lions eat them, we let publicity, insecurity and drugs do that... boo!

While these are bit players in the big arena...you just wonder how many "unknowns" and folks just die...literally from the lifestyle this business seduces them into. I know about a lot of it, I really do, and yet my little bungalow is far far from the clutches of that life...and yet how sad. :-(

On an up note (okay...how???) I am up for a hot job as a series writer and this gives me a yummy little side story (don't steal it or I will have to kill you...lucky I'm not insecure and have my own little way o' tellin' it :-) so I'll probably let ya live...um Momma Drama, you are watching just a few too many back to back Netflix, catch up episodes of Dexter...slow down a little girl.)

Okay...back to work.

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