Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Huzzah...Pleasure Faire.

So Momma Drama bogarted ye old cleaning house for party time with kids Elizabethan Style. I have say I was really impressed, there was no half assed, "I don't really do Elizabethan" pretending, everyone was really into it. It was cool. Even for an old crusty thing like me, I had fun pretending we lived in Merry Old England. I figured, with my dusty sparkle shoes, big haired brown kids, and the lot of us in enchanted clothing, we would be from the Gypsy/Fairy class.

Regardless, as always my family stood out. Gee...I wonder??? Could it be the authentic garb or the look of awe and enjoyment on ye old kid's faces. Whatever the reason here's a list of things my kids got. (ohhh pausing to add, pics of the kids are below this post...Momma Drama clearly doesn't understand the blogger format, sucks for you, the oh so Have To Jump Around My Blog, reader) So go below to look at pics of...the Divas doing a Bit of Renaissance. (Momma Drama left the camera in the car, since I realized after I had shlepped the little Divas to our destination, we only have pre-party pics in our messy house. Have fun!)

Oh and the list of stuff we got.

From the Wicked Step Sister who was French (and later found out was not French): A FAN...for little Diva (Turns out that this woman is a friend of my Sister's from work...weirdly we have never met her, nor she us, but on this occasion she remembered us...stories were told the next day around the water cooler and badda bam, my sister knows her...isty bitsy microscopic world.)

THE KING...(really there was a King) gave Big Diva a bracelet.

THE QUEEN (yeppers Elizabeth herself) Waved at Big Diva twice during the "Parade"

And another Townsperson gave Big Diva a jewel encrusted Cross Necklace.

I tell you it felt like Burningman with all the niceness and gifts.

Things that were crazy cool were all the toys, games and rides were wooden and man-powered vs. machine powered.

I have to say that being able to provide a fantasy experience for your kids (who are you kidding Momma Drama, you LOVED IT...freak, tell the truth) that was parent friendly. Is one of the many real perks of Parenthood. And hell..it cost me ye old shirt of my back...but ya know...it was priceless (oooze sap NOW!)

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