Thursday, May 13, 2010

Okay, that's just F'd up!!!!!! Seriously.

So as I unravel my devious scheme in the blog posts to come....I am gonna hit you with this. Back in the day I worked for a big ol' cable network which NOW makes some awesome programming, then not so much. I mean we had our favorites and every one's most lovable serial killer series, was then just a great idea bouncing around our heads. But alas my head was hacked off...and sent rolling into....um, I'd like to say oblivion since that is so much more tragic, but it actually rolled off into well, what it's doing now. Building an Indie writing career. So....

Back then at the big old Cable Network that now brings you the Happy Serial Killer who has a panache for ridding the planet of other killers and the Famous Fat King who is so not fat in the series, but oh so so hot (hint he had 6 wives...way back back in thy day!), and let's see a mom who grows and sells pot and a dude who likes a lot of sex. I'm sure there are others...but I'm not really into that big Cable Network anymore, since my head was chopped off and all. I was, back then, a little creative buddling bringing little creative thoughts to the folks, and I also ran a short film festival. And all this 1.5 paragraphs of send up was to say, I used to judge films like the one I am about to show you. Apparently there's a little competition going on at the National Film Board in Canada and this juicy tid bid is one of the entries.

I encourage you to watch it cause it is just F'd up and I like it a lot....very very very much. It is good filmmaking, great even if you wanna go there. I only saw it on a 2" x 2" screen, so great won't be a part of this review....but good definitely.

As a filmmaker it's hard to make under 10 minutes work for you and the story, it's hard to get any kind of bang in there that hasn't been "bung" already. But these folks did it....bravo.

Momma Drama will be doing more little online screenings as she gets back in the swing....pump Momma Drama pump. :-) (MD rolls eyes at her own lame-o metaphor....whatever.)


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