Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ahhhh Man...Come on! What? I'm Patient...No Really...Whatever...Go Sit Over There

So, no word from China...this doesn't really mean much, its early in the day/week and I could still here word and then there is always the question about do I wanna hear anything, cause if I did pursue this...wow, wow...yikes. I did a fair amount of cyber travel yesterday and well, a single mom with two brown kids, might just topple China on their ear. And this, in fact, maybe a reason I DON'T GET THE JOB. I'm pretty proud of me and the fact that I went ahead and outted us right away, so it is up to the Shanghai Mouse, to decide if they are really as diverse as they claim. There are other factors too, but this will be a big one.

But this all brings up a big bunch of questions for me, not so much how my family will be perceived abroad, but whether I should take our posse on the road.

It has been a pretty tough (um, come on get real, excruciatingly tough) year for me, financially as making a living solely as a writer, with two young kids on your own is pretty insane. I have done it, amazingly, I have done it, but wow, I'm not sure how. I know I should have an agent, and a manager and all the high powered help that will catapult me to stardom (Hello!) but that's a whole 'nother bag...one that I am willing to dive into, for sure and at the end of the month when the first of my KamiSama series novels is finally born, after, oh my god...decades it feels.

So...its a comin', but damn if it doesn't feel like an eternity!!!! Oh, wait, it is. I am also up for four writing gigs that I am very close to getting and I scored a screenplay, but um, contracts seem so hard to type these days...I guess. Not sure? But I snagged the gig, yet only hearin' crickets' from the "they will send out the contract and initial payment" guys. GRRRRR!!!!

So, do I, like God Mother Mia before us who is now living in Madrid, or Social Worker, Turned Sister is doing now with her to kids to Mexico or China (GO FOR CHINA :), take my kids on the road, sublet my apartment and live abroad for a year? This is a new development for me, but a serious consideration. I have to decide a few things right now... and these are big grown up decisions I hate to make, but the answer is, unless I get a better income flow, I won't be able to continue freelance writing. Which might be a good thing as I can focus on MY work only. I will have this thriller series to write and other ongoing projects, but to be schlepin', pitchin' and beggin' for work daily will probably end. Not a bad thing.

So, my choices are...go into crazy debt and get a masters in social work, (yes, insane u-turn ahead), sign up with a temp agency and work as a secretary (take a knife and gash wrists open with it) move abroad, live a crazy Bohemian abroad mommy lifestyle while teaching English, save money and return home with a big fat pile of cash and hopefully a few books written. The kids will have learned a foreign language and lived in a foreign land. OR continue to apply for work daily and wait for the phone to never, or rarely, or less often than I would like....ring!?

I hate being a grown up sometimes :(

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  1. hmmmm...wow. after reading all that- i'm kinda voting for taking the diva's and going abroad! stachin some cash and come back w/ books written, cash in da bank and amazing life experiences for you all! however- we'd miss you bad! xo laura leigh