Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, I heard from China and they are scheduling an interview with me for next week. OH GOD!!! I am such a bundle of mixed emotions right now. :( If you were to ask me the truth, the God's honest truth...well, I'd pull you aside and whisper in your ear and tell you, "I DON'T WANT TO GO!" :( I love my house and my life here. But, if I can't afford it or work all the time I can't enjoy it, what good is it? Coming home more able to afford things and live more comfortably with books written...is a good thing. I know I can't save too much in China, but I will be able to save a little and I am expecting another big check next year, so that will put me in a good place.

And an adventure is a good thing. And the Shanghai Mom's club sounds like a good thing, I'm just so...well, scared.

So, if ever I relied on my faith in that big fat whatever it is out there, now would be the time...so "Oh, dear lord, I am in your hands, I bare with me my children and their futures, my long held childhood dreams and my deep and loving heart. If it be in your plan, or the law of swirly gases...shift in energy, that I take me and the Diva's to China, a third world country that is not known for its "people pleasing" pray that some remnant of the Walt's Happiest Place on Earth has made it over that great wall...


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