Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, I have neglected this blog entirely, but in between the lines, life has happened. So I feel sad for my blog, but I gave her a bright orange color and a commitment that I will be back to visit more often.

So....why the silence. I think most bloggers go through this, they become real people to a lot of people and soon the thoughts and feelings that you were writing about anonymously, stop being as anonymous and then drama ensues...or stuff.

In July when I wrote my last post, we were forced to move out of our home and go into hiding because Little Diva's birth family had our address and phone number, since we are still in hiding, I can't go into more detail about that...EVER :) but we do have a good corresponding relationship with Little Diva's birth mom and I am happy that she has written many letters to Little Diva, telling her that she loves her. I don't fully trust anyone in Little Diva's birth family, but I do love them and I am happy that we have a relationship with them, but in order for our relationship to remain safe, I will have to stay in "hiding".

We also now have a beautiful relationship with Big Diva's older sister and her family and for that I will always be grateful, Big Diva knows her sister and loves her and I am so very glad that she has been found and that the missing part of Big Diva's history can be recovered.

When I last wrote, I was moving to a beautiful new house, with so much to learn and explore, now that we are here, we are learning everyday to live in a different culture and lifestyle, some of it is glorious and some of it is awful, but it is always interesting and DRAMATIC...hoooo ya!

So since I last wrote in my blog I have returned to life as a freelance writer, it is again, freakishly scary financially, but I am a much happier person. I am still trying to manifest the next level of my career, which will provide the financial security that I so anxiously desire. I know it is coming, I am soon to be a published author and more will be coming from that and I have a lot up my sleeve, but I need to get it out of my sleeve soon or um...well just get out of there already!

So I wondered where to take this blog now that I can't divulge too much from my daily life and I wondered where it left me. I started this to rouse myself and others about adoption, now I am a single mom, struggling to survive and maintain my childhood dream of being a writer....so I figured that was pretty interesting so I think I'm going to use this blog as a way to exercise my writing muscles and take my wacky approach to life and hemm and haw over it here. :) It may be entertaining and it maybe boring....lets see :)

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