Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm In Love....not that kinda love, I wish....

I'm in love with my local thrift store :) and their half off days. So we have acquired two bikes, two trikes, a bedding set, a set of five pillows, a beautiful couch, a waffle maker (yummy perfect Belgian waffle kind) earphones, a vacuum, two beautiful dresses, a table and a lunch box....what was my grand total for all of these items over a year's worth of shopping....are you ready for it?


Yep...that was it.

And the beauty is, I dump off all my junk and they take it with a smile. I love the idea of recycling and also the drama of using other people's old stuff. I know that sounds totally yuck, but imagine another person with another life made waffles in your gently used waffle maker. Was it a wedding present? are they a parent, newlywed, college kid?? Makes a creative mind spin... :)

But the best thing is seeing the looks on my kid's faces when a non-Christmas day gift of Christmas quality enters their life randomly. :)

FUN....now if the same theory of blessing and random givingness just applied to my getting a really good paying writing gig....I would be...well totally stoked.

This :( has been a bad day, so luckily giving my thrift store finds has brightened it up nicely, but it is one of those days a person and especially a single mother raising two alone, just doesn't want to face.

I have mounds and piles and oodles of writing, housework and stuff to do....tons and I found out that I just barely, so-sorry, we love you, :( missed out on a great gig to another person. I know it happens, it happens all the time, everyday and writers deal with it...and I have been dealing with it for five years. I have been the one (weee meee) many times, but this time...this time would have been REALLY nice....oh well.

I will just keep wishing, manifesting, writing and praying that one day...my day in the sun will come...otherwise I will continue to dice people up for scraps (ah, if you only knew)...and be grateful!

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