Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Comes For All of Us...Not a Religious Post ;)

So of course I don't believe its the end of the world, but this wacko religious nut job has given me a minute to think about life. And not so much life, but the idea that some all knowing being is somewhere judging our every move. Hmmm...okay. But if we continue to act disgracefully to one another like say Fred Phelps and his heinous head of the demon The West Borough Baptist Church, you still can be a shoo in for heaven cause you believe in Jesus Christ...do you think that Jesus would even like Freddy and his funeral crashers?

Now, I know Christianity can't possibly be like this, simply say you believe in Christ and then act atrociously and all is well. And yet, I think some believe that this is all you have to do, go to church, say you are doing it in the name of God and then go about doing evil as you see fit, make it work for you and then say it was God's will.

Okay so lets go on the premise (for a moment) that there is no God, Jesus is a story and ALL we really have is each other....that's it.

If this were true, then rapture comes for all of us, eventually we WILL all die, some will face better and some scarier deaths, but death will come. So...who will judge us if Some All Knowing Being doesn't?

We will judge ourselves, we will measure the worth of our own lives and we will see the failings and the successes. If we were loved, admired and rich with friends, family and loved ones, we will be supported, held up and guided through death.

If we were reclusive and withheld ourselves and our love, or acted cruelly to each other, our day of judgement will come when we face our last breaths alone.

And this is our rapture...this moment of judging an existence WILL COME for all of us. And our salvation will either be in the loving faces of those who we have influenced and loved or in the absence of those faces.

So, I need not say this to any readers of my blog, so why am I saying other than to just get it out of my head, but I would venture to say, we all should go to church or temple or to the beach and pray, learn and grow deeper in whatever faith we practice, but too look at our fellow man and animal THE ONLY BEINGS that we are blessed to share this earth with and mind how we treat them. No ominous gang of horses or masked riders are going to come get us. Probably some sort of global warming, air pollution or natural disaster will, but all the more reason to love our fellow man.

Because with that love, comes more love...and with more love, there is no need of fearful stories...because with an immense army of love, there is no war.

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