Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Cares About Living Half Way Around the World, When it all Ends Tomorrow

So, apparently it is the end of the world tomorrow. Gee I don't even know why I'm stressin' about anything, cause the grande finale is nearing :)

Now, I find this super funny and the last laugh will be on me if we all puff out in a poof. And then again, a friend of mine in Australia said that if it is supposed to happen at 6PM, will it be a rolling rapture? What about France? Egypt? Japan? will they need to wait until 6, will they have time for tea and scones?

That all being said, I think it would be a great premise for a book a whole world completely unaware until 24 hours before that this is their last day on earth.

According to this preacher guy, only 2% of the population is going to heaven and the rest will be swallowed up by the fiery pits of despair. I don't know if it is as low as 2%, but I do believe that if God where to come down and pick and choose, God would probably pick people who have lived above the laws of common man their whole lives, people who have been more loving, forgiving and gracious than anyone could ever fathom. Or people who have been brave and fearless in the face of death, cancer, war and human tragedy. However, since we are all God's children, I doubt any one of us would be dammned. I certainly wouldn't smite either of my kids and I doubt that an all loving, all caring, all good being would smite theirs either...so there MMMAAAHHHH (that's me sticking out my tongue) if any of us are going down in flames we all are :)

That being said it does bring up an interesting quandary...what would you do? Really what would you do if this were your last day on earth. If this was it!

Well, I'm taking the kids to Disneyland, writing and then going to out to eat with Gaga Drama and the Divas, then tomorrow is Aunty Bana's birthday celebration, and um I guess that gets us to 6pm. I die doing what I love most, hanging out with friends, celebrating life and um...drinking wine. I need to fit Mommy Music in there somewhere and the SP and Daddy Music...oh and Diva Dad and um...a gillion other people (oh shoot I better get off this blog and start calling people)...but really that's what I would do, hold my kids close and hang out with loved ones eating and drinking till the end. And if that makes me a sinner and a wrong doer...well okay, that's fine.

So what would you do if today and tomorrow were it?????

On that note...(no, not on that note at all, but I can't think of a better transition) I have my phone interview for China on Wednesday...oh holy...whatever...we're ALL GOING DOWN...mua ha ha!

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