Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Beginning of the Journey...

So, I have a few other posts written that are a little more thoughtful, but I thought I start with something fun as I am still reeling with overwhelmed feelings, thoughts and emotions.

I will be working with a Realtor when I get to China to find a house, but since I am bringing a family, I need to be aware of what is out there so I know what to ask for.

After doing some internet research I found that Beijing is expensive, at least for housing in corporate places, but I found a website that caters to Expats, with more reasonable housing. So I thought you guys would love to see some of these....

Here is the website:

And here are some of my thoughts. 1) cleanliness doesn't seem to be a priority for some of these folks. Even if their funkadoodle is gonna be in a realty ad. 2) I am already getting a culture lesson on what is considered "good" in Chinese apartment terms, um hot water in at least ONE and usually only ONE sink...bueno! Having a south facing room, extraordinary, um your bed will be a brick and most likely so too will the couch. This is what I have learned so far... 3)You are lucky if you are gonna have an elevator in an 18 floor walk up...oh boy!

Granted this family has kids, so I get it...but um...how about dumping out the bath, just for the photo eh?

Like for example this "Prime location Golden floor with a brick laying on the office of wood."

Here is the "Plant Depression, Suitable for Living" apartment.

Most the descriptions will make you laugh...so as I do some research to prepare us for our journey, I will be sharing with you my insane apartment finds. While they won't end up being my apartment, they will probably be fun to read. :)

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